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RISE Racial Justice & Climate Change Webinar: The Industrial Agriculture Connection

In this webinar, we will review our work on racial justice and climate change to-date and learn from guest speaker Gopal Dayaneni of ETC Group and Movement Generation about options for divesting from the industrial agriculture system and supporting peasant and food sovereignty movements across the globe.

Learn more about RISE at https://robasciotti.com/social-justice-investing.

By registering for this webinar, I commit to uphold all of the RISE Community Agreements:

COMMUNITY: We value being in community and leverage the power of investing for social justice.
WELL-BEING: Our investments reflect that we value physical, social, and environmental well-being for people and the planet.
SUSTAINABILITY: Our investment decisions are intentional, sustainable, and focus on earning a reasonable financial return that supports our values.
COMMUNICATION: We value clear, open, and validating communication – we listen, especially when it is difficult to do so.
CONSENSUS: We make decisions by consensus and speak with one voice.
CONTRIBUTION: We all contribute to the community and participate in decision-making by either voicing our individual opinions or remaining silent.
SUPPORT: We support community decisions whether or not they fully reflect our individual views.
ACCOUNTABILITY: We are all individually and collectively accountable for our speech and actions.

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Health Sector Solutions to Address Climate Change

On this webinar speakers will provide an overview of how the health sector contributes to climate change and showcase initiatives being instituted by health systems and health organizations to reduce climate pollution.